Aces High Sweet Corn

We are PASSIONATE about Sweet Corn!  It is our sincere desire that our sweet corn will help bring your family together around the dinner table! We work hard to grow the BEST VARIETIES of bi-color sweet corn.

Our signature variety is ACES HIGH!  Well known far and wide for being the most AMAZING sweet corn they have ever eaten. It is usually ready around July 6th-8th each year.



Starting in April we plant every week up until the Fourth of July to have fresh corn available until September.


Hand picked every morning in 4 dozen bags rain or shine.


In 3 hours or less corn is available to you straight from the field at the highest level of quality.

Ways to cook
our Sweet Corn


Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil. Place husked and de-silked ears into the boiling water for three minutes. After the corn has cooked, immediately take corn out of the boiling water and submerge into an ice bath of cold water or run under cold water for 60 seconds. Remove from cold water and enjoy!


Place up to four ears of non-husked corn into the microwave. Microwave for two minutes, then flip all of the ears. Microwave for two more minutes. Chop off the bottom of the ear of corn and squeeze the corn out from the top removing all the silk and husk. Let cool for 2 minutes and enjoy!


Soak non-husked corn in water for one hour. Place ears of corn on the grill and cook until the husk becomes dark. Flip the corn over and cook until the other side of the husk becomes dark. Take the corn off the grill, remove the husks, and enjoy!

Ways to Store
our Sweet Corn


(Temporarily) – When you can’t eat your sweet corn right away: Remove from the plastic shopping bag, remove the silks from the top of the corn ears. Leave the husks on the ears. Keep in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.


Husk corn and boil for two minutes. Cool corn in an ice bath for 90 seconds. Remove corn from the cob and scrape the cob to extract remaining juice and pulp. Place corn in freezer bags and lay flat to freeze.

Buying for the freezer or a party?
Save money by ordering our 4 dozen party bags! Call the market that you would like to pick up your corn at up to the day before to place an order.

A party bag is a big bag of sweet corn containing 4 Dozen (48 ears).  Great for large groups, sharing with neighbors or freezing for the winter.  It’s the best price deal.

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