Market Salesperson

Reports to
Market Manager

Job Description

The Market salesperson is responsible for all customer service, market presentation and financial systems at the market. The customer service would include greeting with warm welcome, selling and thanking them for shopping with us. Market presentation would include maintaining produce displays, clear and accurate signage, organization and stocking of inventory, clean and attractive market; Financial systems would include accurate tender payment, accurate reconciliation and bank deposits, settlement and inventory reporting to management.


  • Honest
  • Great Attitude
  • Self-Starter
  • Polite, Friendly and Enthusiastic
  • Flexible schedule
  • Problem-Solver


Expectation #1: Excellent Customer and Team Service Skills
  • Have a positive and enthusiastic attitude and a high energy level
  • Takes responsibility for being trained, making sure to actively learn and asking questions when something is unclear.
  • Greets, cares for and thanks every customer.
  • Goes the extra mile to help every customer and also fellow team members
  • Communicates with the team to make all market operations go smoothly and recognizes the importance of those co-worker relationships
  • Promotes great team relationships by being flexible with schedule availability
  • Finds answers to questions when necessary
Expectation #2: Maintains an Amazing Market Presentation
  • Displays are sorted properly and only contain top quality produce
  • Produce inventory is rotated properly so all team members know what to use first
  • Displays are always always always piled high
  • Market is clean, organized, and attractive
  • Signage is clean and accurate
Expectation #3: Financial systems are accurate and balanced
  • Maintain accurate cash register
  • Perfectly balanced settlements (cash/checks/card counted correctly and reported onto the settlement)
  • Maintain accurate starter change and safe change